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Datta, Pawan

Dr. rer. nat. Pawan Datta,
Professur für Fernerkundung und Landschaftsinformationssysteme
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Postal address: D-79085 Freiburg
Delivery address: Tennenbacherstr. 4, D-79106 Freiburg
Tel.: +49-761-203-67395


Aufgaben an der Abteilung


  • Assistent des Lehrstuhls (Lehre & Forschung)

  • Projekmanagement und wiss. Mitarbeit: Projekt PROTECTFOREST



  • Fernerkundung (Spektral-, Laser- und SARdaten) und GIS Anwendungen - Forstwirtschaft, Bodenkunde und Erneuerbare Energie.
  • Spatial und geostatistische Anwendungen
  • Biomasse für energie
  • Forest disturbance monitoring



  • 07/2012 - laufend     Akademischer mitarbeiter wissenschaftlicher dienst, Professur FeLIS, Universität Freiburg, Deutschland


  • 11/2011 - 01/2012     geprüfte wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, Abteilung FeLis, Universität Freiburg, Deutschland


  • 03/2011 - 05/2011     geprüfte wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt BW, Freiburg, Deutschland


  • 10/2006 - 06/2012     Doktorand (DAAD Stipendiat), Institut für Bodenkunde, Universität Freiburg, Deutschland


  • 04/2006 - 09/2006     Deutschkurse am Goethe-Institut Mannheim, Deutschland


  • 04/2003 - 03/2006     Junior Research Fellow, Forest Soil and Land Reclamation Division, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, Indien


  • 02/2003 - 03/2006     Project Associate, Resource Survey & Management Division, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, Indien


  • 10/2000 - 09/2002     M.Sc Forestry (economics and management), Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, Indien


 laufende Projekte:

  • DIABOLO - Distributed, Integrated and Harmonised Forest Information for Bioeconomy Outlooks, EU Horizon 2020 (


abgeschlossene Projekte:

  • GloBe Solar - Globales Belastungs-Klassifikationssystem für solartechnische Materialien, Leistungszentrum Nachhaltigkeit Freiburg (
  • S2BIOM - Delivery of sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a “resource-efficient” Bioeconomy in Europe, EU FP7
  • ReCover - Science Based Remote Sensing Services to Support REDD and Sustainable Forest Management in Tropical Region, EU FP7
  • Soil Erosion in the Lesser Himalayas – A Critical Review on Parametrization of Soil Erosion Models (PhD Projekt/ DAAD)
  • An Interdisciplinary Approach do Analyze the Dynamics of Forest and Soil Degradation and to Develop Sustainable Agro-Ecological Strategies For Fragile Himalayan Watersheds (Junior Research Fellow/ EU Projekt)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Assisted Natural Regeneration of Shorea robusta Forests in North India (Project Associate/ FRI Dehradun)



  • Marcus Lindner, Matthias G. Dees, Perttu Anttila, Pieter J. Verkerk, Joanne Fitzgerald, Pawan Datta, Branko Glavonjic, Robert Prinz, Sergey Zudin: Assessing Lignocellulosic Biomass Potentials From Forests and Industry. Modeling and Optimization of Biomass Supply Chains. Top-Down and Bottom-up Assessment for Agricultural, Forest and Waste Feedstock, 1 edited by Panoutsou, 08/2017: chapter 6: pages 127-167; Academic Press., ISBN: 9780128123034, DOI:10.1016/B978-0-12-812303-4.00006-9


  • Sami Ullah, Matthias Dees, Pawan Datta, Petra Adler, Barbara Koch: Comparing Airborne Laser Scanning, and Image-Based Point Clouds by Semi-Global Matching and Enhanced Automatic Terrain Extraction to Estimate Forest Timber Volume. Forests 06/2017; 8(6):215., DOI:10.3390/f8060215


  • Sami Ullah, P Adler, M Dees, P Datta, H Weinacker, B Koch: Comparing image-based point clouds and airborne laser scanning data for estimating forest heights. iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 02/2017; 10(1):e1-e8., DOI:10.3832/ifor2077-009


  • Manuela Hirschmugl, Heinz Gallaun, Matthias Dees, Pawan Datta, Janik Deutscher, Nikos Koutsias, Mathias Schardt: Methods for Mapping Forest Disturbance and Degradation from Optical Earth Observation Data: a Review. 02/2017; 3(1):32-45., DOI:10.1007/s40725-017-0047-2


  • Pawan Datta, Heinz Gallaun, Fabian Enßle, Barbara Koch, Mathias Schardt, Matthias Dees: Forest Biomass Mapping using TanDEM-X IDEM, Landsat based Spectral Characteristics and BWI-3 Forest Inventory. Forstwissenschaftliche Tagung, FowiTa, Freiburg, 09/2016, DOI10.13140/RG.2.2.18988.46723


  • Haarpaintner, D De La Fuente Blanco, F Enßle, P Datta, A Mazinga, C Singa, L Mane: Tropical Forest Remote Sensing Services for the Democratic Republic of Congo inside the EU FP7 'ReCover' Project (Final Results 2000-2012). 36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, 11–15 May 2015, Berlin, Germany; 05/2015, DOI:10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-7-W3-397-2015


  • Joerg Haarpaintner, M. Kohling, F. Enßle, P. Datta, A. Mazinga, J. Likunda: Validation of optical and SAR satellite-based forest maps with field data in the Mai Ndombe district, Dem. Rep. of Congo. ForestSAT-2014, Riva del Garda (TN), Italy; 11/2014


  • Datta P.S., Schack-Kirchner H. and Hildebrand E. (2014) Parametrization of Soil Erodibility in a Lesser Himalayan watershed using Pedotransfer Functions and Mixed Effects Modeling. In: Arrouays D., McKenzie N. and Hempel (eds.) Global soil map: basis of the global spatial soil information system. 2014 Taylor & Francis Group, London. pp 245 - 251


  • Matthias Dees, Heinz Gallaun, Mathias Schardt, Pawan Datta, Fabian Enssle, Jörg Ermert, Barbara Koch: Large scale forest biomass & harvesting potential & biomass supply potential maps - methods, examples and novel future options with a focus on sentinel 2. Sentinel-2 for Science Workshop, ESA-ESRIN, Frascati (Rome), Italy; 05/2014


  • Datta, P.S. (2012): Soil Erosion in the Lesser Himalayas – A Critical Review on Parametrization of Soil Erosion Models Ph.D dissertation Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany


  • Datta P.S. and Schack-Kirchner H. (2010) Erosion Relevant Topographical Parameters Derived from Different DEMs – A Comparative Study from the Indian Lesser Himalayas Remote Sensing 2(8): 1941-1961


  • IUFRO World Congress 2010: Datta P.S. and Schack-Kirchner H. (2010) Erosion relevant topographical parameters derived from different height models - a comparative study from a forested Himalayan watershed. The International Forestry Review 12(5)


  • EGU General Assembly 2010: Datta P.S., Schack-Kirchner H. and Maier M. (2010) Erosion relevant topographical parameters derived from different height models a comparative study from the Indian Lesser Himalayas. Geophysical Research Abstracts (12)


  • Hessel R., Gupta M.K., Datta P.S., van den Elsen E. and Sharma S.D. (2007) Rainfall, Soil Moisture Content and Runoff in a Small Catchment in the Indian Himalayas International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences 33(2-3): 115-128


  • Hessel R., Gupta M.K., Datta P. S., and Gelderman E. (2007): Application of the LISEM Soil Erosion Model to a Forested Catchment in the Indian Himalayas International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences 33(2-3): 129-142


  • Datta, P.S. (2002): Digital Classification of Multispectral Satellite Data (IRS1C LISSIII) for Tree Cover Mapping and Determination of Threshold of canopy Parameters for its detection on the Satellite Image M.Sc. dissertation Forest Research Institute University, Dehradun, India